When you meet your soulmate, home isn’t a place anymore- it’s the person!

Sushank and I met in London 2017. Sushank went to London to do cancer research. While Sushank was there, his friend made a tinder for him. I was the first person that Sushank massaged and was intrigued by him right away. We had our first date on 31 December 2017 and the rest is history. It was love at first sight. Our love for our families is something that made us connect right away. After dating for a 1 year and a half Sushank proposed to me on 4th July 2019. Sushank wanted the proposal to be intimate but also celebrate our love and freedom. What better day to celebrate than 4th July in New York. On our private yacht during the firework display, Sushank popped the question and I ecstatically accepted. Sushank has made London a second home for him and I have made New York a second home for me, hence the proposal was done in his hometown.

I knew he was ‘The one’ when I met him. I think that’s what happens when you meet your soulmate; you feel a little bit more in love every single day . Home isn’t a place anymore – it’s a person.

There is something unbelievably refreshing about meeting someone who is on the same life frequency as you. Everything feels effortless and natural. You just embrace it, and it’s beautiful.

We felt like achieving a milestone by having each other on our sides. The fact that we are out to our families and they accepted both of us with open arms has made our love and bond even stronger. I love the fact that I am Sushank’s dad’s favorite and he loves the fact he is my dad’s favorite.

-Rahul and Sushank