When my son came out, I came out too!

I stand as a very proud parent of my gay son, Sherwin.

Going through the experiences of my son’s coming out helped me learn and grow exponentially. Facing stigma at times with him, bonded us—strengthened us—as a family—taught us all how to cope better, stand up for ourselves, face sometimes, a hostile world. It increased my emotional sensitivity and attentiveness to personal values.

Facilitating my son’s development helped me to be more accepting of myself, more authentic, more open-minded about different perspectives, and to develop stronger connections with others, which possibly, before his ‘coming out’ were ‘hidden in the closet’.

Having a gay son opened my eyes to the world of sexual minorities. It led me into advocacy for them and supporting them. To that end, I now volunteer with two LGBTQI charities – Sweekar and Naz and Matt Foundation. Being involved in a cause that I strongly believe is right, has given added purpose and meaning to my life. It has enlarged me and empowered me as a person.

Maybe, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t have a gay son. Sherwin, you’re a gift; and I treasure you…my whole-hearted thanks to you for making me all that I can be!

-Sabrina Court