We found each other and we found the eternity

You know when the voyage of life get stuck on a stormy sea all you can do is wait for the calming bright sun the next day and sometimes when you’re counting on the last tint of hope left within you, you get the most unexpected drift and you land yourself in a dreamy island, one where fairytale exists.
Because I am from Macau, and he is from Taiwan, we are actually a pair of a transnational gay couple. After more than two years of dating by plane, we are discussing our future life and whether we should live together. How to live in each other’s cities. In the end, we decided that I would return to Taiwan to live.

What else can be better than finding love and finding yourself over a pandemic which took away millions of hopes, love, and lives? One day over a normal IG story reply and it changed things for an eternity. One of us found love for the first time and the other found himself. We knew for the first time what love feels like and how resplendent every day feels like when you’re with that one person. It feels like a starry sky on a cast moonlit, like an oasis on a deserted barren space, like finding a rainbow after a dreary rainstorm. This changed our lives completely and now we have everything we ever wanted. All the love and all the world.

Everything seems like a spell of magic now

We found each other and we found an eternity

-Pritam & Manish