We are more than our sexuality

My name is Satyaki Das. I am a performing artist from Kolkata. I am Gay and happy.
I have always been more than just my sexuality. So coming out or staying discreet were least of my concern. But I decided to come out anyways because some things are worth addressing and standing for.

There were few changes I saw when I came out, like for instance, some people stopped talking to me and some are still with me. Also there are some good things that happened with me after I came out, I became the best version of me, more confident, more fierce and ready to face challenges. Just like everyone I have had my own taste of struggles as well which are not worth mentioning because till there’s life there will be struggles.

But luckily I have such an amazing support system like my mother who is the Forster, the courage in me to be who I am and friends who stayed and stood up when I needed them the most. So that’s how my life is now, and I believe no matter what, we should believe in ourselves. One day everything is going to change and don’t let people judge you just because your sexuality is different. We are more than our sexuality.

-Satyaki Das