Testing Our People

Hey all!

My name is Hirva Thankey, you can call me Hermione Chase. I go by she/they. Currently I am pursuing Master’s in Clinical Psychology along with working in an NGO.

GQP is an amazing platform where all forms of expression are welcomed with open arms. This freedom and space to be the expressive myself along with the added perk of being able to actively interact with people of the community and creating events and programs makes me to be associated with Gandhinagar Queer Pride.

I will not speak for all, but would rather say that find your own why you should be part of GQP and I can assure that whatever why you have, you will be accepted with open arms by GQP as it does give a space which is adaptable enough to  integrated your why with the organization goal and vision.

I may sound poetic/cocky/philosophical while saying this, but my experience is to be able to find a peace. Other than this, it has been full of learnings, new friendships and unconditional acceptance.

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Contact: +91 8218569244
Email: contact@gandhinagarqueerpride.org

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