Sometimes unexpected events teach and shape us a lot in our life

Sometimes unexpected events teach and shape us a lot in our life.

I turned 18 in February 2019 and the very next day I got diagnosed with Multi-Drug Resistant TB. It hit hard upon me because I had numerous plans and I knew I couldn’t complete them at least for the time being.

It was a tough month of multiple tests and hospital visits but finally after a month, in March, my treatment started with numerous medicines and injections. I was home quarantined last year even before it was a trend in 2020. I had to make some serious decisions during that phase. I had to change college and repeat an academic year, meaning a new environment and new people.

Being a queer person, it was difficult staying within the four walls while constantly being subject to humiliation from parents over my behavioral patterns. With no friends by my side, I had to go through all of it by myself.

But whatever happens, there’s always something positive in it. The ailment has shaped me more in a positive way than it has done any harm to me. With a good amount of exercise and diet, my health grew better day-by-day. The medicines were a nightmare, but I got used to them. And while I was almost 6 months into fighting the disease, I met Unique.

He has been constant support ever since. And we’ve had wonderful moments that inspired me to be a better version of myself every new day.

My treatment ended this year in June, but the 16 months of fighting the disease have taught me to honor myself and this body. Mentally it has been tiresome with all the high-power medicines but it was also the time when I learned many things on various subjects that include politics and gender identities, to have patience, to be more considerate, and to look forward to a better tomorrow, however dark the present may seem. The lockdown this year didn’t feel that tough for me, so I’m grateful that I could make the most of it and thanks to what I learned in the past.

I hope everyone does look forward to the brighter side of everything.

-Ketan Parte