Rupashya loves Bibek

2020 was a turning point in my life. Lockdown happened and I was busy with social networks. One day I saw a sweet guy in a makeup challenge video. I started stalking his profile. That guy also stalked my profile and I became his crush. One fine day I got a friend request and I was shocked to see it was him.

I messaged him, hi do u know me? And our conversation began. I don’t know why, but my heart was telling me he is my perfect match. Slowly our bond was becoming strong.

After two months he and his family came to Kolkata for his sister’s check-up. That’s when we met for the first time and went on a date. Luckily the doctor said that his sister is alright so they can go. I was very upset that he had to leave.

But I didn’t expect that such a surprise was waiting for me. They took me with them to Balurghat. Now we are staying together and his family is supportive too. His elder sister became my best friend. I never expected that I would get such a wonderful family.

My family also accepted him. My mom and dad love him a lot. Among all these, we did our couple photo shoot.

There was a competition for the best Indian couple in 2020. Our name came there and we got a position.

We always try to make ourselves happy by giving small surprises. If I give the uber fare, he gives the lunch treat.

Recently we went to Sikkim with his family. We are very happy and now we have to focus on our profession because he is a makeup artist and I am a choreographer. Then after some years we will marry and adopt a baby girl.

-Rupashya loves Bibek