Our love for our child was stronger than any other irrelevant considerations of the society

‘I have always believed that my child is an extension of my life. The love & trust that comes with it should never be broken.’

My child Mx. Ria came out to me and Rakesh as lesbian and gender fluid around the age of 16. After having faced bullying, online blackmailing and rejection by their friends, they finally gathered courage to tell us about their identity and their struggles that they had to withstand alone.

We could never imagine to betray the trust of our child. We might have taken time to completely understand Ria’s identity , but our acceptance was immediate. Our love for our child was stronger than any other irrelevant considerations of what the society would think or how our family would react to it.

Their coming out made our bond much stronger. We at that point of time knew that we would always be there to support Ria and stand by them whenever needed.

Sweekar helped us not only understand the lgbt+ community, mental health and legal aspects of the struggle but also have a better understanding about what our child was going through. We did not know what Gender fluid was before we joined Sweekar. Understanding it better created a space for Ria and us to be open about their life and struggles.

We as parents have no expectations other than love from our child. Being queer has nothing to do with what Ria will achieve in life. They are a good human being and we are proud of them. Yes, we regret that we couldn’t be with them during their most wuthering times , but we know for sure that we are going to support them always.

A parent’s support can do wonders in a child’s life. Ria transformed since they came out and there is no going back.

– Renu, proud parent of Mx. Ria