We too deserve a chance to be heard and seen just like everyone

I identify as a lesbian in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and I love it. Growing up I never felt attracted to any cis-gendered men however I loved their clothes and jewelry. I never felt the need to voice the way I was feeling because of the societal norms and, I never saw anybody who was like me. When I moved away from my parents, I felt it for the first time. The feeling of being seen, the feeling of being attractive, and the feeling of freedom. My sexuality has always been normal and everybody around me needed to change the way they felt about it.

As I approach my 30s, I hope to make a change in this world. Growing up, I’ve never had an LGBTQIA+ person to look up to in the South Asian community. I would like to make a community that is filled with LGBTQIA+ people from the South Asian community that are willing to help children or adults with questions regarding their sexuality as well as a safe space for them. I do drag to show the South Asian community that we exist, and we are willing to fight with one smile at a time. We too deserve a chance to be heard and seen just like everyone.

-Aakriti Raut