Love is a feeling, it has nothing to do with gender

I believe love is a feeling, it has nothing to do with gender. In school, I used to think that every boy has a similar attraction towards men. But things started turning weird for me when I went to Junior college, I could never really respond to the attention from girls and could never really gain the bonds that I wanted. I tried to fit in those unsaid rules thinking that there is no other option and I am not trying enough. It was the phase of ‘UNAWARENESS’ that I continued throughout my Junior college time. I came to Mumbai after getting admission in an Architectural college and yes, it took me an entire year to get familiar with life in Mumbai. It was my second year of bachelors when I finally started considering my feelings. I realized that I was trying to fit in the wrong place, the feelings I bear were absolutely normal and I was not the only one with such feelings. And this was the point of ‘REALIZATION’. I started exploring through the dating app (the easiest gateway) and started experiencing the satisfaction I was looking for. But I was stubborn to not accept the fact that I was homosexual. I never really realized about the internal struggle I was going through and the fight of acceptance with myself. The most amazing things came across when least expected. When I was struggling with myself, I met a person, who made me realize how amazing ‘LOVE’ is and how one’s soul is responsible for this eternal feeling. I could not stop myself from accepting it. And that was the time of ‘ACCEPTANCE’ for me. I had never really discussed anything with anyone regarding my sexuality. I started working with collectives and organizations working for the LGBTQIA+ community. Many people around me came to know about me; some of them accepted, some ignored, some stopped interacting with me, and a few might still be in confusion. Right now, those who really matter, have accepted the way I am and they are supportive of the work I am doing.

-Sumit Gawali