Let’s fight the world together!

ShinChi and I met in 2014. At that time, I just started working as a psychologist in Macau, and he was preparing to graduate from university. We met when I came back to Taiwan during a trip (because I was studying in Taiwan when I was in university). We didn’t fall in love at first sight. When I returned to Macau from my trip, we still kept in touch. After about a year, we decided to be together.

Because I am from Macau, and he is from Taiwan, we are actually a pair of a transnational gay couple. After more than two years of dating by plane, we are discussing our future life and whether we should live together. How to live in each other’s cities. In the end, we decided that I would return to Taiwan to live.

Back in Taiwan, we opened a pastry store together, and then we started the days when we lived and worked together every day; we were waiting for the passage of the constitutional interpretation of same-sex marriage, thinking that when Taiwan’s same-sex marriage was passed, we could be in Taiwan Married life. In 2019, we discovered that Taiwan’s same-sex marriage laws did not guarantee transnational same-sex marriages (until now, it is also the only same-sex country in the world that has this situation). At that time, we were thinking that Taiwan cannot be the only one with this situation. We started an organization called ” Taiwan Transnational Marriage Equality Alliance” and worked with ” Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, TAPCPR” to legalize transnational same-sex marriages (“TAPCPR” is the lawyers’ organization that successfully promoted same-sex marriage in Taiwan).

Our marriage order was messed up by striving for transnational same-sex marriages. We registered our marriage first (but did not succeed). In Macau, my mother and sister held a wedding for us. We went to Hungary for our honeymoon. Until last month we held Kaohsiung Pride. When I was on stage, I proposed to him.

In the past six years, we have been friends, lovers, family members, advocates, comrades-in-arms, spouses, husbands, colleagues, and partners. We have all worked hard for the rights of gays, for life, and for love, and we believe that no matter where we are, our love They are all the same beautiful, and we will all have the marriage and happiness we deserve one day.

-Guzifer & ShinChi