If we think our children are not normal, we should start from the person we see in the mirror!

“The most dramatic thing about the coming out story of Tessa Baksi is, there is no drama. For us, if she is in love with a girl, we will get another daughter and if she is in love with a boy, then we get a son.

We (Swagata and Shanto) are very proud about the fact that Tessa is our daughter. We are a team, we fight over movies / music / sports / many other things, but against the world we are always united.

For us Tessa is the center of the universe, so when she told us that she considers herself as a bisexual person, for us it was like, so she also loves “Brendon Boyd Urie” along with “Taylor Alison Swift”. For us we don’t even think that Tessa being bisexual is topic of discussion, whomever she loves is welcome to our family.

We wish all the stories should become as tranquil as Tessa’s coming out story.

They are our children, if we think that they are not normal, then we should start from the person we see in the mirror, who we parents see every morning.”

– Swagata Dutta and Shanto Baksi