I dream of a society where people from the queer community are heard and given equal rights

My name is Kuldeep Sharma and I am an ally to the LGBTQIA+ cause. I identify myself as an ordinary, heterosexual, and cisgender man. I acknowledge my privilege in society.

People around me ask why I support the queer community. My answer is always, “I support it not because I want to look cool as it’s in vogue; society lacks empathy and is void of kindness and benevolence. Whether religions and cultures have thought about the value of diversity or not, but society lacks the idea of diverse minds and souls”.

I dream of a society where people from the queer community are heard and given equal rights. Society is structured through ideas. Society isn’t something outside; we are society. It’s the right time to overhaul the gender and sexual norms of society.

So to realize that dream, I have been a part of Gandhinagar Queer Pride. I also make my friends, family, and relatives familiarize with the diverse nature of gender and sexuality. I also love to hear from my queer friends about their thoughts and struggles.

After much discussions and readings, let me offer a few words of caution to the LGBTQIA+ community. First, appreciate and understand the concept of intersectionality. Make sure that no one is left behind. Second, please don’t get into a verbal or physical fight with the people who don’t agree with you. Don’t resist but engage with them. Finally, raise your voices for the other issues as well. Whether it’s climate change, inter-caste marriages, or free education and health.

The people who oppose this movement, please get this straight into your mind: You don’t understand nature. Justifying the existing system and trying to maintain it won’t help the queer community. The act of bullying is the worst you can do for your society. Find someone who understands you so that your frustration doesn’t become the suffering for the community. Your privilege is luxury for someone else.

– Kuldeep Sharma