“I am Masala Sapphire, the Bollywood Drag beauty of Chicago!”

I am Masala Sapphire, the Bollywood Drag beauty of Chicago. I am the host of Jai Ho, a queer Bollywood dance party thrown by Trikone Chicago. My drag is a mix of Desi glam and pop princess. I started doing drag after I found my love for makeup. Drag gave me a way to take my makeup obsession to the next level. After that I found even more reasons to love drag, from the costume design to performing on stage. It all helps me realize my creative side, which I don’t get to do in my daily life. Drag is fun, but not always easy. Of course everyone at the queer bar loves drag queens but on my way to the bar it’s a different story. There are always stares and comments. Luckily for me, that’s the worst I’ve received. Now when I’m in drag, I just expect that kind of thing. One of the ways I dealt with that was letting go of the idea of, “what will others think of you”. As a brown person we are always expected to be a pillar of perfection but that is not achievable.”

-Masala Sapphire