“I am a proud gay man and I love dance, music and everything that’s artistic”

Hello I’m Smitin and I always feel that I’m unique like my name. I am a proud gay man and I love dance, music and everything that’s artistic. Since childhood I was kind of introvert and na├»ve because my parents were (and they still are) very abusive and don’t support me in anything, whether it is my education or dance, I’m a single child and I always felt very lonely. After going through a lot of turmoil, torture, downs and downs, I finally accepted myself 3 years back and since then I love presenting myself how I’m. I came out in 2019 when I got into IIT Guwahati where I saw people appreciate my boldness and art. Currently I’m in final year MTech in Biotechnology and I like to spread awareness about LGBTQIA+ community through my dance performances. Although things have not changed in terms of my family situation, absence of someone near and dear in life, I realized that with increasing age, things become more difficult and I’m still lonely, but dance/art is the only thing which is keeping me going and I cherish the satisfaction I get when I help someone in whatever possible way. So one mantra which I would like to give you from my life is that “Just be yourself, and do what you love because at the end only you are there for yourself”

-Smitin Bhosale