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At Gandhinagar Queer Pride, our partnerships are vitally important to us, and we value the active engagement of our partners with our LGBTIQ+ communities. Our partnerships enable us to hold more events, make our events more accessible and allow us to pay our staff, artists, and creatives.

Gandhinagar Queer Pride at its core aims to promote and advocate for all LGBTIQ+ human rights, equality, and inclusion globally. This value informs all our work, including our partnership agreements.

We look to our values and ethical charter when we are considering a potential partner, and we expect those partners to meet us and maintain this ethical standard and values alignment. All our partners must show an ongoing commitment to our LGBTIQ+ communities within their organization and externally within the broader community.

A meaningful and authentic commitment to LGBTIQ+ equality and inclusion cannot be viewed through a siloed lens that excludes other human rights and equality issues, our ethical charter and framework relating to partners reflects this and speaks to the partners commitment to the wide spectrum of human rights, social justice, and equality causes.

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