Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gandhinagar Queer Pride?

Gandhinagar Queer Pride is a group of individuals working towards creating a safe, social and inclusive space for the queer community and allies.
We work in different capacities as outlined below:
--Organizing Pride Events: Pride Parade, Community Engagement Events and Activities, Meet-ups.
--Conducting Gender Sensitization workshops in Universities, Corporates and other Organizations.
--Extending support to the queer community as and when needed.

When was the first Pride Parade organized in Gandhinagar?

The first Pride Parade was organized on February 9, 2020 (just before the lockdown was announced). We had more than 400 people attending the pride parade from different cities and states.

How can we join the Gandhinagar Queer Pride Team?

We are glad that you want to join the team. We would love to have you with us and contribute in achieving our vision.
All the GQP team members are volunteers ad work honorarily. They dedicatedly work for GQP because they believe in the cause. We expect the same dedication and commitment from people joining us.
We provide the most comfortable, friendly and inclusive working environment.
Do join us!!

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Contact: +91 8218569244

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