Because of minor changes in Xs and Ys in someone’s body, many of us forget our ABCD of intelligence

How would we feel being beaten up at public places for no reason? How would we feel when there is no justice spared for us even after falling prey to physical or mental abuse? How would we feel agonizing till death just because healthcare is available to everyone but us? God forbid any such happenings to anyone. But more than Gods, let us, humans, do it first.

Three of these are among a trifle of the scenarios constituting the part & parcel of the lives of our fellow LGBTQ+ community friends. The cause backing these biases is something which none of us have a hold over – genetic diversity. Just because of minor changes with Xs and Ys in someone’s body, many of us forget our ABCD of emotional intelligence. The solution to this perpetually existent hatred towards letters is as simple as a bunch of eight known letters – EQUALITY.

More than enforced empowerment, we need peaceful equality for society to sustain itself. Irrespective of gender, it is our moral duty to spare respect for everyone. Colonizing anywhere in the future isn’t in favor of humanity’s goodwill unless we unite to collectively survive, is it? And for that, equality becomes a prerequisite. This is not to say that some of us are ‘bad,’ it is just that we need to assure being as ‘good’ to others as we are with our own selves when there is no reason to be hostile.

Let’s revive the demigods back, at least as humans.

-Pratyush Bhatt