And we could finally call ourselves “Husband & Husband”

We both come from an Indian family, we knew about our orientation since childhood, so we were clear to have a same-sex partner in the coming future. Gay social apps like Blued brought us together and I flew back to India to cohabit with my spouse, Akash, for 2years (Sep 2018 to Aug 2020 so my spouse can also join me in Canada ). We told our families about our relationship. Our life is so connected that we cannot even live apart. When we confessed to our parents, they supported us and arranged our engagement in New Delhi. Both of our families have accepted a son/son-in-law. We hope that one day the Indian government will legalize gay marriage so that people will treat us and other LGBTQ+ people with respect. In the coming future, we will register our marriage and will look forward to having a child..


Life as gay is so lonely and when society talks negatively, it hurts a lot.
Since the age of 17, as an adolescent, I was fighting for myself to live life as I want, after gathering all my strength I revealed my sexuality to my mother. She asked me many questions about why I am attracted to guys. I poured my heart out to her; how different I was as a kid and assured her that I am not different from other boys physically. At first, I came out as bisexual and in a year as gay. My mom told me not to talk about my sexuality with family and relatives. As a mother, she was worried that people would bully or harass me.

Few years after coming out we got an opportunity to move out of India and that was the turning point of my life. I saw how people and the law were different from where I was born, the true freedom where no one cares about your personal life. I told my mom that I don’t want to live alone. I also want my own modern family where I would stay with my male life partner and we both will have our kids. She promised me that she will find a guy for me and also I am free to find myself.


One of the friends overseas introduced me to “BLUED” (Social Networking App for LGBT). I made an account. I started watching other guys’ broadcasts, where some talked shit and others were sensible. Within two days, in August 2018, I saw a guy who was live on cam(Broadcasting) not showing his face to anyone with a polite decent attitude talking to other users asking for a genuine guy to build a lifelong relationship. When I came back home from work I got a few messages from him where he mentioned: “if looking for a serious relationship please contact on 91xxxxxxxxxx number”.

The next day I added him to my WhatsApp and saw his pictures. I was so excited to see him, he looked fantastic. He asked my name and introduced himself as Akash. A few minutes later I called him(India) and talked for hours. I could not stop myself from living apart for a second. I booked my one-way flight ticket to India as I was not sure when I would be back and informed my mom that soon I will leave Canada as I found a guy who I wanted. I left Canada on September 17, 2018, whereas at Akash’s home he told them he is going to Delhi to stay and live his life with who he loves.

Around 11:30 pm on September 18, 2018, at IGI T3, we met for the first time. Akash came closer to give a welcome kiss & hugged me tightly as I was a little nervous of people around us and stopped as I was not prepared for it.

I proposed to Akash to become my life partner on September 21, 2018 and started buying household items for our better, comfortable cohabitation(To start our Common-law partnership according to Canada’s law which qualifies us as married/spouse if staying more than a year). Since then we have been living together.


My mother came to India and arranged our engagement and marriage on November 24, 2019. Our family, Relatives, and friends were there to cheer us up on our special day and we finally could call ourselves “Husband & Husband”.

– Ujjval and Akash