All that glitters is not gold

Hola! I’m Anirudh. I Identify myself as Gay and my pronouns are He/Him. I think dealing with my sexuality was the hardest stuff for me. Mainly because seeing myself oscillating between boys and girls often confused me. During the ‘perplexed’ period, I never really sat down and had ‘THE TALK’ with anyone. Thanks to my parents, I had access to the Internet. I googled some random terms and slowly I started to learn about homosexuality and stuff.

I grew up in a small town, Ambala, and being from a conservative family, I knew it would be really difficult for me to come out to my parents. I still refrain to tell them about my sexuality. To start with, I first came out to my best friend. To my surprise, she was 10x Super supportive and happy than I expected.

Then I shifted to Gurgaon for my College. Here I got exposure to more Queer friendly people and some Queer groups. However, All that glitters is not gold. I was someone looking for intimacy in a world full of sex addicts. I came across many toxic people but eventually, they left.

I was also confused if I should come out to my college friends. May 21, 2019, was my day. From that day forward; out of the blue, I came across some stories which helped me gain the courage to come out to my cousins and friends, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting much support but the result was exactly the opposite. Everyone was really supportive and I felt a sense of courage and Pride.

It was that day when I learned that it was my choice to live my life the way I want to, not being answerable to anyone, and not caring about the homophobic slurs or how people will react, is the key to come out of the closet.

– Anirudh Kakkar