Accept yourself and never be silent against wrong

My name is Damini Sinha and I Identify myself as a transgender woman.
I am currently working as a senior software engineer in a multinational company for 12 years now.

Apart from this I also do virtual teaching, digital modeling, and pet care awareness programs.

I also anchor my talk show “Dew’s Social” for LGBTQ+ awareness and social stigma against the LGBTQ+ community.

Coming to my transitioning part, from male to female, the journey was not so easy but as they say “ if there’s a will, there’s a way”.

I waited for years as I didn’t wish my family to be affected. There was a time when I felt like living a fake life with bullies and they called me names and I wanted to end my life. But finally, I decided it’s better to live far away from all and make life worthy to live and help others who are facing similar problems.

At the beginning of my transition, I faced a bit of hatred from my own people but slowly they began accepting me as they understood someone’s life’s importance.

Everything changed positively and here I am with all the support and love of my own family and people around me.

I faced a lot of hurdles as there was not much awareness about sexuality and gender identity.
But I always believed that doing something which is not hurting anyone or even me is the truth.
The mantra of my life is to accept yourself and never keep silent against wrong.
Fight for your own rights. It’s for you.
Raise your voice and feel proud about your life.
At last, keep learning, it never ends…

-Damini Sinha