Who we are?

Loneliness, isolation and the feeling that you are the only one different are haunting. We know it, we have felt it and we started Gandhinagar Queer Pride on November 25, 2019, with the promise that no one else must feel this way and since then we have come a long way. We connected people, but we also created a family that is growing at an unprecedented rate at that, and we couldn’t be happier.

We believe in creating a safe inclusive space for the queer community, where you can be the authentic you, not the façade that most of us have to be in front of the world. Over the period, we have grown and are doing things that are making a significant difference in people’s lives. We aim to reach out to everyone globally, especially to the places where there’s minimum reach and the LGBTIQ+ people must deny their existence, we intend to connect as many people as possible and not leave anyone behind. That said, Gandhinagar Queer pride is a globally recognized organization, we are a proud member of Interpride (the World’s largest association of pride organizations).

GQP Is working in different capacities with InterPride:

Board of Director
Regional Representative of Region 19 (South Asian countries)
Co-Chair of WorldPride committee
Co-Chair of Hiring Committee

What we do?

What started as a social group with the idea to bring our people together, is now also bringing the much-awaited change in the arena of social awareness. From organizing pride events to conducting gender sensitization workshops to rescuing people. GQP is not an individual, it is a family tree where each and everyone has a role to play and something to contribute and make a collective difference and grow together. We organize various pride events (Pride parade, Tarang, Pride Prom, etc.) and community engagement programs and meetups (potluck, digital community meetups, open mic evening, etc.)

We shall be conducting a community meetup every month (online in case of COVID) and everyone regardless of who you are (or where you are) is invited. Come be with us, we are growing each day, be a part of the change in creating a safe, social, and inclusive space where your kind of weird is common. Contribute by joining us on our social media platforms and being an active member, finding your kind of crowd, or just hanging out.

Reach Out To Us

Contact: +91 8218569244
Email: contact@gandhinagarqueerpride.org

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